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DrivingDoc helps to manage your driving school efficiently. Great tool for drivings schools with multiple locations. DrivingDoc is a mobile evaluation tools used by your instructors.

DrivingDoc Saves you Money

DrivingDoc Saves you Money

All student and instructor data is saved in cloud account and can easily be accessed anytime and anywhere. Lessons can be easily reviewed by instructor, parents and students. Lessons are also emailed out to parents after each instructional period.

DrivingDoc is Customizable

DrivingDoc is Customizable

Schools can customize evaluation criteria, maintenance parameters, add unlimited number of locations, admin accounts, instructors and students. Make the App fit your schools needs and wants.


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Track Driving Lessons


Track driving conditions

DrivingDoc allows you to track driving conditions. You can select date, time,…

Flexible evaluation

With DrivingDoc you can adjust and add your evaluation criteria specifically for…

Add observers to driving lesson

DrivingDoc allows you to add two observers to the driving lesson.  Many…

‘No show’ button

If a student doesn't show up to the lesson you can mark…

Add notes

DrivingDoc allows you to add notes to your driving lessons

Form reports

All driving lessons are saved online and can be accessed to form…

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DrivingDoc offers a free 30 days trial, so you can see how we benefit your driving school. With DrivingDoc you will be able to take full control of your driving school and reduce paper work drastically.

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About us

DrivingDoc is a service which allows you to take full control of your driving school and minimize paper work. You can track lessons, save them to the cloud and access them from any device anytime you want.


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